The primary role of the core module is to act as a gateway for all the other modules, as a secondary role it will provide a generic interface for obtaining statistics from the Aggregators

The table below lists the modules / interfaces that core knows about and the path to access that module / interface

Module / Interface Path Example
Aggregator Aggregator*/statistics/Europeana
Data Mapping DataMapping
Data Transformation DataTransformation
Metadata Definition Definition
PID Generation PIDGenerate
Preview Preview
Set Manager SetManager
Statistics Statistics
Validation (monguz) Validate
Validation (semantika) Validate2

To use any of the modules through the core gateway, build up the URL as follows

  • Start with the url for the ECKCore eg.
  • Now append the path that is relevant for the module from the above table eg.
  • Now append the appropriate path from the module api document for what you want to do. eg.
  • The url has now been built up, do not forget post / append any arguments / files that are required by the modules api