The update action allows you to add statistics for a module


Parameters Description
dateTime Date and time of when the processing started, format: ISO8601, RFC3339
duration The length of time in milliseconds that it took to process the records
itemsProcessed The number of items that were processed
numberFailed The number of items that failed to be processed
numberSuccessful The number of items that were successfully processed

Note: If two off the three parameters itemsProcessed, numberSuccessful and numberFailed are supplied and the third is missing then the third one will be calculated, if we do not have at least two of these parameters then an error will be generated, the dateTime and duration parameters are mandatory and an error will be generated if either of these are missing.


if successful the response will return a return a http status code 202, if there is an error then a http status code 400 will be returned


In order to allow simple testing of the ECK Statistic interface. a test form is available here which performs actions against the default modules default group.