The status returns the following details about the set

  • Description
  • When it was created
  • Details about the working set
    • Status
    • Number of records
    • Number of valid records
    • Number of records awaiting validation
    • Number of records with validation errors
    • Number of deleted records
  • Details about the live set
    • Status
    • The date the set was committed
    • Number of records
  • An array of the pending actions for this set
    • The Action to be performed
    • Date and Time Queued
    • Content Type of any attached file
    • Records to be deleted
    • Are all records to be deleted
  • An array of the history items for this set
    • The action that was performed
    • When the action was performed
    • Number of records that were processed by this action
    • The number of milliseconds that it took to perform this action


The parameter historyItems specifies the maximum number of items that will be returned, the default is 20


The response is in json



In order to allow simple testing of the ECK Set Manager interfaces, etc. a test form is available here which actions data for the default provider using the default set.