The list action returns the following details about the records in the working set

  • CMS Identifier
  • Persistent Identifier
  • When it was last updated (this includes conversion to EDM, Validation and being committed)
  • Whether this item has been deleted
  • Its validation status


The list action accepts the following parameters that filters the records that are returned

Parameter Meaning Valid Values
status Filters the results so that only records with the specified value are returned
all No filtering applied (default)
deleted Only return the deleted records
error Only return records that have validation errors
pending Only return records that are awaiting validation
valid Only return records that have passed validation
live Only returns records from the live set
no returns records from the working set (default)
yes Only returns records from the live set


The response is in json and will be an array of the brief records



In order to allow simple testing of the ECK Set Manager interfaces, etc. a test form is available here which actions data for the default provider using the default set.