Parameters / invocation

The url for the module takes the form /Set/<provider>/<setName>/<action>/<recordId>?parameters Where:

URL Part Description
provider Is the code for the provider of the data (it will be restricted by client IP address as to which machines can provide/request data for a provider)
setName The set that is to be manipulated or information is to be provided for, if the set does not exist, it will be created, for compatibility with iteration 1 the set name of “default” will be created for any data persisted in iteration 1.
action The action to be performed on the set
recordId is the record to be actioned, this is not applicable for all actions and will be ignored if supplied where it is not relevant.

The possible parameters are:

Parameter Description
delete A comma separated list of records to be deleted from the set
deleteAll Delete all records from the set first (ie. Recreate the set from the supplied data) Yes / No
historyItems Number of items to show in the history section of the Status action
setDescription A description that can be used for the set, if the set is being created
statisticsDetail How much detail to provide in the statistics report for this set, no values are defined for this yet, this will be revisited when we look at what statistics are required and presented

All posted files where the content type contains zip or xml for the actions Update and Commit will be examined to see if they contain records that need to be added to the set, it is assumed the files will be in LIDO format

The possible actions are:


In order to allow simple testing of the ECK import interfaces, etc. a test form is available here which actions data for the default provider using the default set.